The Canadian Presbytery convened as a Court of the Church on Thursday, April 26, 2012. Riv- erside ARP Church (Cambridge, ON) acted as

the host congregation for these meetings.

Kevin Bigney (Covenant Reformed Presby- terian) moderated the meeting. Seventeen (17) presbyters were in attendance.

Rev. John Shearouse led a discussion on “Helping Men to Lead”

Rev. Kevin Carter (Covenanter’s ARP Church) was elected to serve as the Moderator of the Canadian Presbytery for 2012/13. Ruling Elder John Moerman will serve as the Vice-moderator.

Jennifer Hovestadt presented her report on the activities of the Women’s Ministry over the past year and shared some of their hopes for future retreats and works.

A report was presented regarding continuing Rev. Rudy de Vries’ work with Redemption Prison Ministries in the Canadian Pris- on System.

A report was given on the progression of the work in Kingston and the encouragement they have received there.

A memorial re. a “Doctrinal Commitments Questionaire” for the Nominations Committee, was approved to be sent to the General Synod.

Grace Presbyterian Church is attempting to plant a church in Tillsonburg, ON.

A request for $5,000 to aid in this work

was approved.

Minister & His Work interviewed Adam Harris who will be applying to be taken under care as a student in this fall.

Dr. Ben Dunson was received as a student

under care.

The next meeting of the Canadian Presbytery is the 2012 Stated Fall Meeting scheduled for Sept. 27-28, 2012 at Covenanters ARP Church, Kentville, NS.