Catawba Spring 2014 Highlights

Crossings Community Church in Columbia.

  • Voted on the Form of Government received as an overture from Synod as follows: For 9 Against 73 Abstain 2
  • Received H. Neely Gaston and Robert W. Ackerman by transfer from 2nd Presbytery effective today.
  • Granted honorable retirement to Gregory Slater effective May 1, 2014.
  • Granted honorable retirement to John Rogers effective May 31, 2014 and dissolved the pastoral relations with Edwards Memorial Church.
  • Heard the Senior sermons of Brad A. Anderson and Mark I. McDowell, exam- ined them and licensed them to preach the Gospel.
  • Received Joshua A. Squires as a student of theology. Josh is a member of First Columbia and a student at RTS-Jackson.
  • Received Zachary W. Simmons as a student of theology. Zack is a member of First Rock Hill, intern at River Crossing and a student at RTS-Charlotte.
  • Heard the Middler sermons of Brandon Auten and Joshua A. Squires.
  • Heard the annual report of the Catawba Presbytery Women’s Ministry by Mrs. Melody Howell, President.
  • Heard a special presentation from Mrs. Susan Tanner, Editor of The ARP Magazine
  • Heard the report of the Special Commit- tee on the sale of the Pleasant Hill property, the disbursal of those funds and dissolved the Committee since their work was complete.J. Barry Dagenhart presided at the meeting as Moderator.

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