By: Melissa Davis

If you don’t know about the rock painting movement that is sweeping the nation, then check it out. What happens is a group of people will paint rocks and hide them throughout their city and even to different parts of the world. People from all over will find these rocks. Once someone has found a rock they are supposed to take a picture of the rock and then follow the instructions on the back of the rock of where they are to post that picture to share with that group where it has been located. For example, you may find a rock in Columbia, SC that originated in California.  Once you share that picture, you can choose to keep the rock if it encourages you or hide it somewhere else.  Going on a trip? Consider taking a rock with you and hide it somewhere you’re visiting.

A group from Centennial ARP, SC painted several rocks to be dispersed across Columbia and beyond.  We shared lots of laughter as we shared our artistic or not-so-artistic skills.  Some of our rock paintings include, Paper beats Rock, a hedgehog, flowers, M&M and more. For those who find our rocks they are being asked to share their photo’s to our Facebook page. Reformed Presbyterian Church