Those who attended Family Bible Conference in July were able to hear Rev. Athole Rennie preach the evening worship services. Many also had the opportunity to meet his wife, Rosalynd and son, Erskine Here is an update from the Rennies upon returning home to Leith, Scotland.

Dear Friends
We trust this email finds you well. We have recently returned from a busy three weeks in America where Athole spoke at the ARP Family Bible Conference as well as at several churches. Despite the busyness, the trip was a hugely encouraging time. We were thankful for the opportunity to catch up with old friends and make some new ones.

Give Thanks:
– For a new member by baptism on the 19th of August. It was great to celebrate all that the Lord has been doing in Pete’s life and to formally welcome him into membership in the church.
– For another new baby over the summer. Baby girl Alex was born to Hilary and Jonathan in July. That makes four babies so far this year and another two on the way before the end of the year DV.
– For the growing sense of community in the church, it has been a real encouragement to hear stories of more and more people regularly practicing hospitality in their homes and spending time with their neighbors, work colleagues and others in the church.
– For the encouragements of our US trip. It was great to see so much continued interest and prayerfulness for the work here. We never cease to be amazed at God’s goodness for the gospel partnership that’s developed over the past few years.
– For the grant we received from the Bonar Trust which has enabled us to appoint an intern for the coming year. Katherine will be involved in a women’s ministry and admin role at the church.
– For the arrival of Judson who will be serving Grace Church Leith this year and working with UCCF ministering to students in the city. You can follow his movements at
– On Sept. 2, we will celebrate the first anniversary since the public launch of Grace Church Leith.

Please Pray:
– For continued prayer for all the new families, for energy and wisdom as they parent, and for the church to care well for everyone.
– For the safe arrival of the two babies due before the end of the year. Heather is due to give birth in mid October and Rosalynd is due at the end of November.
– We have an application with another Trust to provide further funds for Katherine’s internship. Please pray it will be successful. We should find out some time in the autumn.
– For newcomers to the church to feel welcomed and quickly feel at home.
– For the new teaching series on Ephesians. Pray that it would strengthen the church. As we grow in our understanding of God’s grace, pray we would be more excited about serving him and telling others about him.
– For increased opportunities to share the gospel with our contacts. Pray we would see those we are regularly in contact with come to know Jesus this year.
– For a restful holiday when the time comes. We plan to take a break at the end of September and are looking forward to a relaxing family time.

Thanks so much for your willingness to continue to pray for the ministry here. We are so grateful for the way prayers are being answered and so aware of our deep need for continued prayer. We long to see more people respond to the gospel and know that ultimately that will only happen as God’s Spirit draws them to himself. Please continue to pray that would happen.