Mississippi Valley Spring 2014 Highlights

March 3-4, 2014 Ellisville Presbyterian Church, in Ellisville, Mississippi
  • Opened the meeting of presbytery with a worship service led by Rev. Benjamin
  • Glaser, pastor of the Ellisville Presbyterian Church.
  • Heard an address from the retiring Mod- erator of MVP, Rev. Mike Yarman. Welcomed Mr. Carl Patterson, an elder from the Gum Tree Presbyterian Church (Tupelo, MS) as Moderator of MVP.
  • Heard a devotion on Tuesday morning from Rev. Tim Phillips, pastor of Midlane Park Presbyterian Church (Louisville, KY), on Luke 15.
  • Heard an address via Skype from Rev. Jeff Kingswood, the Moderator of General Synod. Took a standing vote on the revised Form of Government. The vote was unanimous in the affirmative.
  • Approved the investment of funds in Part A and Part B of the Parkway Place Memo- rial Fund in the ARP investment program. Heard updates on the work of the Dunlap Retirement Center and the Palmer Home for Children from Rev. Bill Everett.
  • Heard an update on the work of the French Camp Academy from Mr. Tom Dickson. Received Mr. Brad Robinson, a member of the Midlane Park Presbyterian Church, as a Student of Theology.
  • Received Mr. Stephen Ewing, a member of the New Albany Presbyterian Church, as a Student of Theology.
  • Approved French Camp Presbyterian Church to host the Spring 2015 meeting of MVP and Hopewell ARP Church to host the Spring 2016 meeting.
  • Enjoyed fine meals consisting of gumbo and pulled pork, prepared by the ladies of the Ellisville Presbyterian Church

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