A service of reception and installation of pastor and rul- ing elders was conducted by the Transition Commission of Northeast Presbytery on March 25, 2012, for the Somang (Hope) Presbyterian Church, Syosset, Long Island, NY.

The Somang (Hope) Presbyterian Church, with 30 adult members, was received under care of Northeast Presbytery at its March 2, 2012, meeting. At this meeting, Rev. David Choi, pastor of the Somang Church was received upon trans- fer of membership from the New York City Presbytery of the Korean American Presbyterian Church. The Transition Com- mission of Northeast Presbytery was charged with the responsibility to oversee the necessary procedures to prepare for the official reception of the congregation and installation of church officers and pastor.

Members of the congregation gave their affirmation to unite with Northeast Presbytery, and ruling elders Stephen Ha and Peter Kim were installed to form the Session of the Somang Church, after which Rev. David Choi was installed as pastor.

Rev. G.J. Gerard led the Service of Reception and Installation with Rev. David Johnston, chairman of the Transition Commission, presenting the questions for reception and installation. Rev. Dr. C.K. Rhee, moderator of Northeast Presbytery, announced the official declarations for the reception of the congregation and the installation of the officers. Rev. Dr. Peter Lee also participated with prayer and Scripture readings.

The Somang (Hope) Presbyterian Church worships at the St Bede Episcopal Church on Berry Hill Road in Syosset, NY, only 35 miles from Times Square, New York City.