A Vaughn Hathaway (Re: Revised Form of Government)

Due to an oversight, the language necessary to amend the Form of Government to implement the decision of the 2011 Synod to grant ruling elders who are former moderators of the General Synod the right to sit, deliberate and vote at subsequent meetings of the General Synod was not sent down to the Presbyteries. Therefore, be it resolved that the Synod of 2012 grant these rights to all such former moderators who are in attendance at this Synod, who are also in good standing as members of the Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church.


C Tim Phillips (Re: Mississippi Valley Memorial)

That item #2 be amended to read, “We affirm that the account of creation of Adam and Eve as found in Genesis 1 and 2 is history.”

That item #3 be amended to read, “We deny any teaching that claims that the account of creation of Adam and Eve, as found in Genesis 1 and 2, is mythology.”


D Frank Miller (Re: Northeast and Virginia Memorials)

That recommendation #12 and 13 be amended to include “Washington, DC; Falls Church, VA; and Alexandria, VA.”


E Ken McMullen (Special Committee to study Book of Discipline)

That the Moderator appoint a committee to study and revise the Book of Discipline and to report yearly until finished.


F Jac Coad (Re: Nominations)

To substitute the following for Recommendation #2 of the Report of the Committee on Nominations, 2012:

That presbyteries appoint representatives to the Synod Committee on Nominations for a single term, limited to four consecutive years or less with the possibility of reappointment after a minimum absence of one year and that the Manual of Authorities and Duties be modified under the section on the Committee on Nominations as follows:

Under the terms of service that the following language be added:

At Large and Presbytery appointees: At Large and Presbytery appointed members will serve terms of up to four years. Members may not succeed themselves, but may be reappointed after an absence of at least one year. The original appointing body will appoint members to fill vacancies due to unexpired terms.


G Paul Mulner (Re: Erskine Trustee Selection Process Guide)

That the “Trustee Selection Process Guide” be distributed electronically or by mail to all pastors and ruling elders in the ARPC for their review and consideration as soon as possible and that the Committee on Nominations be encouraged to bring its current recommendation #7 to the 2013 Meeting of the General Synod for its consideration.


H Dan Hazen (Re: future Synod schedule)

That the meeting of Synod be scheduled and organized such that all preliminary greetings and addresses (which are unlikely to require deliberation) be finished the first night of Synod, and that Moderator’s Committees meet the next morning, so that Synod deliberations can begin after lunch the second day.

Bill Evans: (Refer Hazen’s motion to Executive Board)

Bill Evans moved that this motion be referred to the Executive Board. The motion carried.


K Steve Maye (Re: Commendation and Spec Comm to study Board Removal Policy)

That the Synod commend the Board of Erskine College and Seminary for its willingness to reconsider the issues related to the relationship between the Synod and the Institution.

That the Moderator appoint a committee, comprised of at least one-half being men possessing PhDs, to consider the same matters on a parallel track and report back to the Synod.

That the Synod empower this committee to report back its findings to the General Synod at whatever time, and through whatever means of communication it deems appropriate prior to the 2013 Meeting of the General Synod.


L Meredith Cavin (Re: Biblical standard for marriage)

That the General Synod of the Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church affirm the biblical standard for marriage, one man and one woman.


M Vaughn Hathaway (Re: Ecclesiastical Commission)

That the membership of the Ecclesiastical Commission on Judiciary Affairs be increased by two active members and two alternate members, and that the Commission be composed of six teaching elders and five ruling elders serving as active members and one teaching elder and one ruling elder serving as alternate members representing at least six different presbyteries.


N Guy Smith (Re: Rec 18 and 20 of Efficiency report)

That recommendation 18 and 20 be referred to First and Catawba Presbyteries and that recommendation 19 be referred to Mississippi Valley to study the proposed changes and make recommendations to the 2013 Synod concerning any alteration to their present boundaries.


Z Ken McMullen (Re: Amending the 2012 docket)

That the docket be amended to allow consideration of the Report of the Executive Board and then the Board of Erskine to follow immediately after the report of Moderator’s Committee on Complaints.