A discussion between members Bruce and Karen Porter and Pastor Bob Hovey happened in 1998 on how the Huntersville ARP Church wanted to show support for the Sanctity of Life Sunday. This resulted in the idea of a cross display on the front yard.  Elder Johnny Ferrell was included in the project discussion and being a master carpenter he volunteered to build the crosses.  He built well over 600 crosses, Bruce and Karen painted them, and our family helped put out the first display. 

After the first year, Johnny became the project lead and each year perfected another facet of the project. Johnny built and painted a stronger version of crosses around 2002 and we still are using those now in our display. A major part of the display is our large cross with “Forgiven” written on it that is placed in the middle of the small crosses.  That is our message – we support Sanctity of Life but we are all sinners and by the blood of Christ, we are forgiven.  Our cross display has become a tradition at HARP for at least 20 years. The Saturday before Sanctity of Life Sunday a group of men and women arrive early morning and pray before and after laying out the display and even though the faces of the workers change our message is the same – “For all have sinned and fall short the glory of God” (Romans 3:23).