The heavens declare the glory of God, and the sky above proclaims His handiwork. Day to day pours out speech, and night to night reveals knowledge. There is no speech, nor are there words, whose voice is not heard. Their measuring line goes out through all the earth, and their words to the end of the world (Psalm 19:1- 4a ESV).

Who can read these words and not be overcome with awe and bowed down by the weight of God’s glory? It’s positively mind-boggling to know that in the heavens, inanimate objects declare the glory of their Creator without ceasing. God reveals his divine nature and personal qualities plainly through his creation, to all people (Romans 1:20)!

Everything in creation does what it was created to do: planets remain in their orbit; the stars shine, reflecting the sun’s light; swallows return each year to Capistrano; lions roar as they rule the jungle; ocean waves crash upon the shore, yet dare go no further than the boundary of sand. Nothing in creation takes glory for itself.

All creation looks to and relies upon the Creator and the word of his power for its existence, sustenance, performance, and success. I think it would be safe to say that the joy of all creation is God himself. But what about you and me; we who are made in the very image of God, what do our words speak of? The words of our mouth, the testimony of the life we live; what do these things speak about us or about God’s glory?

What Our Words Reveal

A number of recent experiences caused me to carefully consider what my words and attitudes revealed to others about me and about God. Spending a week with someone (who shall remain nameless); listening to a constant stream of words (honestly, I thought my ears would bleed); a very sad truth was revealed – this person, created in the image of God, did not really know God.

This person relied on God for nothing; hoped only in things temporary; had passion for all that is fleeting; found security in self achievement; took joy in “stuff,” and believed the chief end in life was happiness. Don’t think for a minute this person had any idea they were revealing these things to me – not at all.

Actually, all the things this per- son spoke of were not in any way inherently evil or wicked or harmful, nor was there anything wrong with speaking about them. But pursued as the be-all and end-all of life, desired and believed to be the source of satisfaction in life, revealed the evil and wickedness of all men’s hearts apart from God.

This person revealed what was in their heart and where their treasure lay: in the world and the things of the world. The words of this person’s mouth – the testimony of the life they lived – declared their own glory. As far as this person was concerned, our conversations were nothing out of the ordinary and were, in fact, quite natural. And indeed they were, for an unbeliever. But what about the believer? What about you? What about me?

What do the words of our mouth reveal to others about where our treasure lay and the One who is our

hope? What passion do others see in you or me for the Eternal God who has given us the gift of eternal life? What have those of the world learned about the joy of knowing and loving Jesus Christ because they have watched you live out loud for Him?

No matter what goes on in the universe, all creation continues to joyfully and faithfully obey their Creator. Do you? Do I? When your world is turned upside down, do you still pour forth grace and mercy in your attitude, actions, words, and conduct? For those who claim Christ as Lord and Savior (for we who are His handiwork), should not His at- tributes be clearly seen so He will be glorified?

In the midst of this experience (dangerously close to yearning for this worldly stuff and things), I knew I needed to get back among my dear sisters in Christ. I needed my eyes turned back from the world and back upon Jesus. If you need your eyes turned back to Jesus, plan to attend the Women’s Ministries Annual Meeting at Bonclarken on July 23, 2012. Your dear ARP sisters in Christ will help you do just that!