0515 future billyBy Billy Graham

Q. What good does it do to bring our young children to church? They are too young to get anything out of it, and anyway, I know their constant squirming must be a distraction to others.

A. Many churches have nurseries for babies and young children; if yours doesn’t, you might volunteer to help get one started. Other parents would probably appreciate it also.

However, don’t conclude that children never get anything out of church. They might not get much out of the sermon, but they will learn hymns and they will also realize that God listens when his people pray. They will also understand that God is real, and one reason you and other members of your church come together each week is so you can learn about him.

Most of all, your children will learn that God is important to you.

Billy Graham: Billy Graham Evangelistic Association. Originally printed in the Charlotte Observer.

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