By Rev. Hasan Yaman, Pastor of Izmir New Birth Church, Middle East

It is my joy and honor to be a member and servant of the Izmir New Birth Church. The Lord used an evangelistic outreach event to call me. In 2001, at Izmir New Birth Church, I heard the Good News of Jesus Christ and believed. Years later, my wife and son, Seval and Pasa, put their faith in Jesus. Your support and prayers for this church has blessed my family.

Now it is my desire to make the Lord known to those who do not know Him. Despite many obstacles and hard soil in this predominantly Muslim land, the Lord is opening the doors of many hearts. Every day people visit our church. Many of them are searching for answers to the questions they have carried with them for so long.

Some of the most common questions are:

  • “We know the New Testament has been changed. What do you say?”
  • “Isn’t it true that Islam is the last religion? And doesn’t the New Testament prophesy Mohammed’s coming?”
  • “We also believe that Jesus is a prophet. But how can you say that He is God?”

As we answer these questions through God’s Word, some people feel the Lord’s calling upon their lives, repent, and accept Jesus as their Lord and Savior. Afterwards, many bring friends and family with them to church.

For example, a Kurdish man was the first from his family to believe. Now his wife is a believer in the Lord, and the entire family comes to church together. Another man who came to the church as a high school dropout felt he had no purpose in life. Now he has found peace and purpose in Jesus and has decided to go back and finish high school.

The Lord is blessing our church. We want to share this blessing in other regions as God has given us a heart for the cities of Aydin and Canakkale. Canakkale has great historical significance as the place during World War I where thousands of soldiers lost their lives. Today the city is known for being very nationalistic, and several Islamic groups are active here.

The Lord’s work is not easy, but it continues to amaze us. Will you please pray for the Lord to give us opportunities to share the Gospel and to eventually plant a new church in the needy city of Canakkale?

Thank you for praying for the Izmir New Birth Church. Your prayers are precious to us, and they are making a difference.