The Spring 2012 meeting of Mississippi Valley Presbytery was held on March 5-6, 2012, at the French Camp Presbyterian Church in French Camp, Mississippi. The following events took place:

  • Heard a sermon from Moderator of General Synod, the Rev. Andrew Putnam, on Romans 1:14-17.
  • Appointed Mr. Richard Moore as a provisional elder to the session of the Covington ARP Church.
  • Approved a memorial from the session of the Midlane Park church concerning the historicity of Adam.
  • Released the Covenant Presbyterian Church (Heber Springs, Arkansas) to the oversight of the Communion of Anglican Churches.
  • Approved the draft of a loan application form presented by the Stewardship Committee.
  • Received the transfer of Mark Jones, a Student of Theology, from First Presbytery.
  • Received the Rev. David Searfoss, a retired PC(USA) minister, as a member of presbytery.
  • Agreed to accept the views of the Rev. Dan Hazen, while noting his exceptions to the Westminster Standards regarding the law.
  • Placed the Hickory Springs and Wood Avenue churches under the oversight of the ONA Committee for the purpose of encouragement, revitalization, sessional oversight, and prayer.
  • Accepted the request of the New Albany Presbyterian Church to host the 2013 fall meeting of presbytery.


Rev. Tim Phillips, Principal Clerk