Catawba Presbytery Fall Meeting

Met on October 13, 2015 at the Edwards Memorial Church. The following is information from that meeting:

• Received Blake T. Law as a Licentiate from First Presbytery effective October 13, 2015.

• Ordained Blake T. Law as a Minister of the Gospel effective October 13, 2015.

• Approved the call from the Calhoun Church for Blake T. Law and presented the call to him to begin October 15.

• Appointed a Commission to install Blake T. Law as pastor at the Calhoun Church on October 16, 2015.

• Appointed a Commission to install Matthew Allison as pastor of Ebenezer Church on October 18, 2015.

• Heard the Senior sermon and examined Joseph M. Crump for licensure and ordination. He was enrolled as a licentiate October 13, 2015.

• Received Joshua W. Thomas as a student of theology effective October 13, 2015. He is a member of Edwards Memorial.

• Read the Call approved by the Commission for Heiko Burklin from World Witness beginning August 1, 2015.

• At the direction of our Commission, transferred Zachery W. Simmons as a student of theology to Florida Presbytery effective October 13, 2015.

• Heard the Middler sermon of Andrew Di Iulio

• Set the Presbytery Assessment for 2016 at $15.00 per member.

• Directed the Moderator to appoint a special committee to engage and assist declining churches in Catawba Presbytery. The Committee is to give progress reports at the March and October meetings of Presbytery.

• Alan A. Morrow presided as moderator.

• Heard a special announcement of the Good Samaritan Offering being received by General Synod for the purpose of aiding those in South Carolina with disaster relief.

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