First Presbytery Summer 2013 Highlights

A tribute to Ruling Elder Charles B. Todd, former Moderator of Synod, was approved.

• Alan Gay was approved as associate minister for Ballantyne Church: he preached, was examined, and accepted a call.

• Accepted the Covenant Reformed Church, West Jefferson, NC, into the Presbytery and examined and approved Rev. Phillip Mayberry as its minister.

• Accepted the Southern Korean Church, Charlotte, NC, into the Presbytery and examined and approved Rev. Sung Song as its minister.

• Removed Daniel Stephens as a Student of Theology from the rolls of Presbytery.

• Dissolved the pastoral relationship between Rev. Eddie Spencer and the First Gastonia Church. He is serving an EPC Church in Florida.

• Divested as an ordained minister Paul Mulner, without censure.

• Approved Rev. David Corley, effective July 1, as Presbytery’s director of Church Extension for a two-year period.

• Closed the Afton Run Mission, effective May 31 and accepted the resignation of Rev. Tim Weldon as mission developer. Granted him a six-month severance package.

• Continued working with Progressive ARP Church regarding its status with the ARPC.

• Added Bo Waldo to the rolls of Presbytery as a Student of Theology. He is working with the Ballantyne Church and will pursue an Army chaplaincy.

• Elected Rev. Ken McMullen as stated clerk, effective October 1; Rev. Vaughn Hathaway as assistant clerk, and Ruling Elder Ron McKnight, Pinecrest ARP Church, as treasurer of First Presbytery.

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